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Sunrise at Sandy Beach

Sandy Beach - called “Sandy’s” by the locals - is a very popular beach with local kids. It’s the place to see and be seen, body surf, boogie board and play in the hard-crashing waves. Speaking of which, this is also the beach with the most ambulance calls. The beach rises up sharply, causing incoming waves to rear up and crash hard at the last moment. Inexperienced tourists & visitors get dislocated shoulders and broken wrists on a regular basis. The sandy part of the beach is by the palm trees in the upper left corner. For this image I walked down to the far end of the beach where lava rock outcroppings stick out of the sand. This is a combination of two images, a long exposure for the foreground and a shorter exposure for the sky, blended in Photoshop to get this well balanced shot.


Sunset Waterfall

Like so many of my landscape photos, this image was an accident. In more ways than one! I arrived that evening an hour before sunset at this spot just around the bend from the wildly popular locals hangout, “China Wall,” to see what I could get. I was crouched low to get a close up of a tidepool Tiger Cowrie shell when an unusually large wave crashed over the rocks and utterly drenched me and my camera. As I frantically wiped off the camera, thinking the evening was a complete bust, I noticed the water cascading over the rock ledge and saw my shot. Finding that my camera was still working, I quickly changed lens, grabbed my tripod and captured this beautiful long exposure. The next day I discovered my camera needed $450 in repairs. :-(


Waikiki Nightscape

As a rule, I’m usually far more interested in shooting nature and landscapes but I was bored one evening and when I get bored I grab my camera and challenge myself to get something different than usual. As it was late at night and had finally just stopped raining, the choice became quite obvious once I saw the lights of Waikiki glittering in the wet night. It was still sprinkling lightly when I set up for this long exposure shot at the end of the Waikiki Wall. This image is also available in color.

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